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What is REDCap?

Administered by the Office of Research IT, REDCap is a secure web platform for building and managing online databases and surveys. REDCap's streamlined process for rapidly creating and designing projects offers a vast array of tools that can be tailored to virtually any data collection strategy.

REDCap provides automated export procedures for seamless data downloads to Excel and common statistical packages (SPSS, SAS, Stata, R), as well as a built-in project calendar, a scheduling module, ad hoc reporting tools, and advanced features, such as branching logic, file uploading, and calculated fields.

Learn more about REDCap by watching a brief summary video (4 min).

REDCap User Guides

From guidance on how to register for a REDCap account to more comprehensive guides on how to navigate the platform to meet your research needs, this page contains information for all stages of the REDCap project management process.

Recent News and Updates

January 1, 2024 - REDCap Administrators will no longer unsuspend local REDCap accounts for external users. Instead, a URMC Sponsor will need to request a Guest URMC Account which will be used to access REDCap going forward.

For more information regarding external users, see our "REDCap Access for External Users" user guide, which is available on our User Guides page.

November 1, 2023 - Starting Nov 1, 2023 any new e-Consent implementations requested 11/01/2023 or later will be implemented using the REDCap e-Consent Workflow v2.0, which introduces e-Consent + Attestation.

See our User Guides page for more information regarding the use of REDCap for e-Consent.

December 9, 2022 - Starting Jan 1, 2023 there will be a new process for external users (anyone without a URMC account) to be granted REDCap access. A URMC Sponsor will need to request a Guest URMC Account which will be used to access REDCap. For more information for the Sponsor to request a Guest URMC Account, please use this link.

Existing external users will continue to have access to their current REDCap account.

New external users with a Guest URMC Account will log into REDCap with their new Guest URMC credentials.