Please take a few minutes and respond to these survey questions pertaining to ACCME Criteria 31 and 34. Your feedback will help inform the work of the ACCME Working Group on Professional Development. Results will be shared at the ACCME Annual meeting on April 29, 2021.

Criterion and Critical Elements:

Criterion 31: The provider creates individualized learning plans for learners. (Two critical elements: Tracks the learner’s repeated engagement with a longitudinal curriculum/plan over weeks or months AND Provides individualized feedback to the learner to close practice gaps)

Criterion 34: The provider supports the continuous professional development of its CME team. (Four critical elements: Creates a CME-related continuous professional development plan for all members of its CME team; Learning plan is based on needs assessment of the team; Learning plan includes some activities external to the provider; AND Dedicates time and resources for the CME team to engage in the plan)

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