STEP is a New York State funded program for high school students who are economically disadvantaged or from underrepresented backgrounds. The program is designed to stimulate participants' interest in career development opportunities in medicine and the health care professions. STEP students have the opportunity to work directly with physicians, technical staff, certified teachers, medical, and graduate students. Students are exposed to a variety of academic and professional skill development opportunities to enhance their problem solving, critical thinking and test taking skills with an emphasis on active or "hands-on" learning.

Program Dates: 

STEP 1 & 2: July 5 - July 28

STEP 3 & 4: June 26 - August 4

Applicants must be members of an Underrepresented Group (see groups below):

  • African American/Black
  • Hispanic/Latinx
  • American Indian
  • Alaskan Native


Applicants must also meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a New York State resident
  • Must be a U. S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Entering Grades 7 through 12 having a GPA of 2.8 average or better
  • Must express interest in science and /or the health professions.

Questions or comments? Please email

Supplemental Application Materials - please e-mail these materials to


-Letter of Recommendation from science AND math teachers

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