Dear CTSA Program PIs,

The goal of landscape analysis, created by the Opioid Working Group of the CTSA Program Steering Committee, is to generate a broad landscape analysis of current Opioid-Related programs (representing either best practices or innovative programs) that are underway across the CTSA Hubs / institutions / universities, individually and with diverse partners.

Please note: Your participation is voluntary. Your responses will not be anonymous. Your name and/or your hub's / university's name will be identified for purposes of analysis and dissemination because these results will be used to help identify models to disseminate, opportunities for collaborations and gaps to address (and to form the basis for a manuscript).

The responses to this data collection instrument are voluntary. This data collection instrument will analyze the outcomes in a systematic way and will publicize the results of the systematic analyses at a future date. The systematic results of this data collection instrument will be provided on behalf of CLIC. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the official views of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

Following publication, the Coordinating Center will post data from this data collection instrument onto the Coordinating website with hub / university identified information so that your hub / university can be credited with your available resources to encourage collaboration.

We request that you complete this data collection instrument on or before Monday, April 30, 2018.

Please complete this landscape analysis yourself or forward (copying us) to the person you believe to be the most knowledgeable to complete it. We request only one response per institution. For your convenience, a "Save and Return" feature is provided in case multiple persons are needed for completion. It is estimated that these questions may be completed by PI/Admin/Other in 25-30 minutes total.

If there are any questions regarding the vetting of this survey please contact Scott McIntosh, PhD, CLIC, at

Thank you for your time!

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