Dear Registrant,

Thank you for your interest in attending the 2022 Regulatory Seminar Exchange Program. The spring session held on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, from 12noon to 2pm ET will address medical devices and drugs.

Please note that this workshop will be held both in-person and via Zoom. A Zoom link for remote attendees will be emailed to you after you complete the Remote attendance registration process. A lunch option will be requested if you plan to attend in person.

Should you have any questions or require special accommodations, please email Karen Grabowski at

Program Faculty:

Joan Adamo, PhD, Director, Regulatory Support Services, UR CTSI
Martin Graham, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Empire Discovery Institute
Carlos Pena, PhD, Chief Regulatory Officer, Chief Quality Officer, Jacobs Institute
Scott Steele, PhD, Director, Regulatory Science Programs, UR CTSI

Sponsored by: University at Buffalo’s Clinical & Translational Science Institute • Jacobs Institute; University of Rochester Medical Center’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute

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